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Best gets even better. Care at home is a better solution

Bringing experienced & professional health care services right at your door step to meet all your needs.


Medical and social support for home or bed bound and emotionally dependent parents of Indians, elderly person with limited mobility, whether children or relatives live here or abroad.

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Medical or social support and care for clients customized according to their specific personalized needs.


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Launching quality home health care in eastern India in phases to cater to millions of prospective clients in Kolkata with the following advantages-

• Support you and your family at home or in the hospital for any medical assistance or during any medical emergency
• Providing care and emotional support when you need the most
• ntend to provide the comfort you deserve with the best services available at your doorstep in beneficial packages
• Aspire to provide you with the convenience you would like to have
• rovide a one stop solution to your major health care needs

Medica Home Care Service (MHCS) is a Medica group initiative which is set to revolutionize the way we deliver healthcare in India.

Our aim is to take comprehensive healthcare services to every person’s doorstep. Our very large and comprehensive bouquet of services will include home visits by medical professionals, home delivery of pharma (medicines) products, arrangement of medical devices and equipment at home for chronic and geriatric patients, apart from other medical utility services.

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Our committed team of home care experts (doctors, physicians, medical technicians, nurses, medical assistants, pharmacy specialists, nutrition and diet managers) are a part of the Medica super-specialty chain; one of the largest and fastest growing names in Eastern India.
At Medica we have the experience and infrastructure to provide our clients comfort, independence, and freedom to choose their lifestyle. We are one of the most trusted names in the nation and now, we are bringing you our signature quality care closer home.
Our experts have carefully planned health care packages to offer value-for-money, peace of mind, and safe options and are willing to go all the way to provide you the most personalized attention at home.
Our hand-picked home care team has the compassion to understand a patient’s social barriers, goals and priorities and they will create health care plans in collaboration with the client.

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